Bede Campus – Sunderland College

Client: Sunderland College

Location: Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

OOBE were invited to prepare proposals for the landscape design associated with a new Sports Centre and Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) building at Sunderland Colleges’ existing Bede Campus. Our design creates a central performance space linked to the VPA building, a sculpture garden to display students work, and informal seating areas away from the busier central space. Reflecting concepts used by the Architects, the landscape design responds to the theory and proportions of the golden ratio.

A contemporary space based on classic proportions

The planting palette enhances the differing characters of the two main spaces; in the main courtyard planting is formal in nature (box clipped hedging and trees) becoming less formal as it moves into the sculpture garden where a mixture of ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials are proposed. Around the quieter social spaces to the edge of the main courtyard proposals are for less formal parkland trees with a mixture of species and understory wildflower habitat areas that will create a softer perimeter to the development that is also of ecological benefit. Hard materials include natural stone to complement the building and a white amphitheatre which contrasts strongly with the planting.

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