Oldham Academy North

Client: Oldham Council

Location: Oldham, Greater Manchester

Oldham Academy North, a new 1200 place Academy, is located on an existing school site. Even though the site has been used for a school for a number of years it is not without its constraints. An undersized site set below the adjacent road level, divided into two by a public right of way and with extensive wooded slopes. We developed a masterplan that made every space work hard and had multiple functions where possible.

A grand arrival to 21st century learning

Accessibility was a priority with a 6m level change between the site and the building entrance, 36no. steps and an integrated ramp create a grand approach leading to a generous plaza. Aside from access, the approach will be used by the school for groups to gather and view performances in the plaza below. Pupils turned their hands to design via a series of workshops where their ideas were translated into proposals for the informal play areas.

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