Brian Malig Collado

Landscape Architect

Brian joined OOBE in March 2015. He studied landscape architecture at the University of Rome. During his studies he gained experience as a landscape architect in Portugal, Ukraine, Canada and Brazil and enjoyed entering various competitions successfully wining first prize in a competition led by RKM Save the Urban HeritageLab.

Most recently he completed an internship in London at EcoLogicStudio working on a prototype for the worlds 1st bio-digital canopy comprised of an ETFE cladding system with integrated micro-algal cultures and real time digital cultivation protocols within it for the Expo Milano 2015.

He enjoys observing how humans behave in spaces and their experience of shapes, colour and the senses. He has a particular interest in exploring graphic styles and mixing media such as hand drawing and digital design skills.

Outside of OOBE, Brian loves taking part in sports particularly running, ultimate Frisbee and capoeira. Following a recent OOBE night out he might add bowling to that list! He is a seasoned traveler who enjoys losing himself in a new place in the hope that he discovers amazing spaces. He is also a passionate cook.

Contact Brian

T: 0191 281 3775